Share What You Learn

I chose this pattern because it is in connection with my previous pattern “record what you learn”.  I also find some useful links to expose your ignorance pattern too. It does made sense to me that after you record what you learn, you share them for other people to benefit from your learning; sharing with others will be easy because you already have them documented. You can share what you learn in many ways such blog post, tutorials and one on one or group discussion with people you think might be interesting in the topic. One on one discussion is sometimes embarrassing if your target group already knows the subject but it is good place to start when you find people interesting in knowing what you learnt.  Sharing is not always easy for me because I always feel like someone has already dealt with what I learnt and no one might need it. But I was proven wrong in one of my presentation as what I shared was straight forward and the people like it very much than what they already knew regarding the subject matter. Also, in the mixed of a team I always try to be first to respond to it if only I have an idea of what is being asked because I know how it helps me in understanding the scope of my knowledge better. This boiled to the point that sharing what you learn will not only make you valuable to the community but will also let you stay on top of your field of study.

Besides, the challenging expect of sharing what you learn is the ethical part of it. Sometimes how to re-factor what you learn into your own work is difficult because it is straight forward knowledge and you can’t go around it to make you own.

After reading this pattern, it has reinforced the power of recording what I learn as it will make it easy for me to share what I learn with others. I also didn’t pay attention to the effects of what I shared in the past and after reading this, it has opened my eyes to look out for the legal, political and financial implication to what I share in the future.


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