Your First Language

As an apprentice or a developer, your career begins with you choosing one language and mastering it. This language will be the grounds at which your early development is going to be rooted and does not have to be big; all you need is taking a small step. The best way to learn a language is to work with an expert in it. This is because feedback for your work is very important aside you having someone who will boost your morale in learning such language. Your first language is not only the foundation of your career but the pivot at which you will learn other languages.

This pattern has taught me so many things and I am really happy for laying hands on such a materials. I totally agreed with every point made in this pattern. It is really important to have one language mastered before trying to learn another language. I have actually chosen one language I am working on. I previous had three languages that I was working with but after reading this pattern, I have decided to drop two of them and concentrate in one to become fluent in it. I think trying to learn two or more languages at the same time will only cause you to have shallow knowledge in all of them because I cannot boost of being fluent in one of the languages I have tried even though I have little knowledge across all three.

Also, choosing your first language will require you to have someone as your mentor who will give feedback to enable you improve on your studies. I really enjoyed this pattern because it has actually opened my mind toward many things. I   have never thought of trying to learn a different language when my job requires me to use a language which I am not familiar with until I read this pattern.

In conclusion, I will say this is a wake up call to me and my colleague students who want to excel in the programming industry; this pattern has boost my morale of choosing and mastering one language before trying to learn any other language and I am also reconnecting with the expert I have worked with in the past as a mentor for my career who will give me feedback regarding all my work.


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